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Full Feature List Of CMNTY Platform

Everything that CMNTY Platform has to inspire people.


The platform offers 9 modules to inspire conversations & spark creativity.

  • Forum

    Bulletin board style discussions with the ability to create topics, quote replies, and add attachments.

  • Challenge

    Create contests and competitions to ideate and co-create with your community. Leverage the power of community!

  • Journal

    One-on-one discussions to gather insights that community members might not want to share in more public spaces.

  • Questionnaire

    Multiple choice, open ended, matrices, grids, sliders, and dates with randomization, logic, and piping.

  • Blog

    Share information and news with your online community. Categorize posts and enable members to post comments.

  • Stepboard

    Add structure to your discussions and control community interaction in this step-based discussion board.

  • Chat

    Facilitate online focus group discussions with real-time chats. Great for deep dives, event kickoffs, and Q&A.

  • Webshop

    Allow members to spend their points for gift cards or other tangible rewards to encourage participation.

  • Custom Pages

    Create your own, customized, HTML-based pages to deliver the exact user experience that you desire.

User Management

Manage groups, auto-segment members and curate a meaningful community experience.

  • User Groups

    Show different platform activities to different user groups, and filter results on the back-end easily.

  • Dynamic User Groups

    Create user groups based on customizable triggers that you set. Groups update automatically so your groups are always accurate.

  • User Invites

    Invite members one at a time, or in bulk using a CSV file.

  • User Roles

    Create unlimited user roles and customize permissions to accommodate your community needs.

  • Recruitment

    Customize your invitations, see who has joined your community, and resend invites to those who haven't with a single click.

Data Analysis

Always be in the know about what needs your attention.

  • Import & Export

    Import or export user information and keep all your community data together.

  • Questionnaire analysis

    Poll & questionnaire analysis is built into the platform. Generate graphs based on real-time data.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    Track click-behaviour by integrating your Google Analytics account into the platform.

Member Engagement

System notifications, gamification rewards, and email alerts keep your members active and engaged.

  • In-Platform Notifications

    Give community members instant feedback to maximize the impact from gamification rewards.

  • Email Notifications

    Send email notifications to your members and keep them coming back to see the latest activity and responses.

  • Gamification System

    Set triggers to encourage the specific kinds of participation that will help your research the most.

  • Points & Badges

    Reward member activity with points and badges. Show off top-performers with leaderboards.

  • Newsletter System

    Send eBlasts and Newsletters to all of your community members, or to specific user groups.


Easily achieve a fully branded community space built on white-labeled software.

  • Custom CSS

    Access stylesheets to add your own, custom CSS and get a pixel-perfect look to your online community.

  • Custom JavaScript

    Add in your own custom JavaScript to customize the functionality and the feel of your online community.

  • Google Translate

    Integrate Google Translate into your community platform to get translations of member generated content.

  • API Access

    Our API allows access to CMNTY Platform data from your own systems or to integrate with third party software.

Social Media

Want to get social? Built-in single sign on with social media accounts and options for sharing are there if you want them.

  • Social Login

    Allow members to sign up and sign on with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ accounts.

  • Share On All Popular Networks

    Let members share content and posts from your community straight to their social media pages.

Integration & Security

Connect to existing user databases and secure your platform with industry standard security methods.

  • SAML-Based Single Sign-On

    With SAML 2.0 single sign-on, your members will only need to log in once to get access to both sites, making their experience across platforms truly seamless.

  • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

    When this feature is activated, users will log in using their password and a security code sent to their email inbox or mobile phone.

  • Settings for Strong Passwords

    You can enforce authorization security and guard against brute force attacks, create a password policy to ensure secure passwords, and set rules to govern user sessions.


The little widgets can be flexibly placed in your community for member motivation and engagement.

  • Badges Leaderboard

    Reward member participation by displaying badges earned for community activity.

  • Best Ideas

    Draw attention to your community challenges by showing an overview of the highest-rated ideas.

  • Blog Categories

    Display blog categories and simplify navigation by showing blog categories to your members.

  • Carousel

    Visually appealing sliders with text and images. Link directly to community activities or external websites.

  • Challenge Ideas

    Draw attention challenges, highlighting the participation and creativity of your community members.

  • Challenge Word Cloud

    Display content-aware word clouds to show what words and ideas are dominating a challenge.

  • Challenges List

    Highlight active challenges to steer members towards activities that are most helpful to you.

  • Chat Participants

    Show members who are currently online and taking part in your community chat.

  • Countdown

    Motivate community members by counting down to deadlines or build anticipation about an upcoming event.

  • Download Center

    Create an online library of downloadable documents for your community members.

  • Forum Overview

    Display an outline of available forums. Each item is clickable for easy navigation.

  • Forum Statistics

    Show the total number of topics and posts to indicate forum topic/discussion popularity.

  • Spotlight

    Highlight community items, activities, members, or accomplishments as a list or as an image slider.

  • Recent News Articles

    Draw extra attention to the latest news you've posted to keep community members up to date.

  • My Journals

    Show members which journal questions they have answered and which ones they still need to respond to.

  • Newest Members

    Spotlight new members so they instantly feel included and show current members that the community is growing.

  • News Headlines

    Show recent news headlines from your community platform to raise awareness throughout your platform.

  • Poll

    Get fast, quantitative research results and use member responses instantly to curate their community experience.

  • Private Messaging Statistics

    Keep community members aware of private messages so they can make good use of them.

  • Profile Completeness

    Motivate members to fill in more information on their profile with a profile completeness progress bar.

  • Recent Blog Posts

    Draw attention to your most recent blog articles so nobody misses out on the latest.

  • Recent Badges

    Highlight members who have recently earned badges to reward their participation and motivate others to do the same.

  • Search

    Allow community members or managers to search the entire community platform for topics they are interested in.

  • Site Activity

    A live feed displaying recent activity in your community. Show all activity, or filter by module.

  • Stepboard Overview

    View available stepboards to draw attention to them and access each one with a single click.

  • To-do List

    Dramatically increase participation and guide members towards platform activities that you want them to focus on.

  • Top Challengers

    Highlight members who have added the most ideas to a challenge and reward them for their participation.

  • Twitter Feed

    Show a feed of your company twitter account, or show tweets with certain hashtags (#), mentions (@), or both.

  • Member Leaderboard

    Display members who have earned the most points by participating in community platform activities.

  • Member Statistics

    Show members how long they have been in the community, their points/badges earned, and profile completeness.

  • Webshop Categories

    Provide an overview of webshop items to make it easy for members to find the reward that will motivate them the most.

  • Who's Online?

    Display members who are currently logged into your platform and increase a sense of community.


21 languages are at your disposal. Need a language you don't see? Let us know! We are adding new languages all the time.

  • Arabic

  • Brazilian-Portuguese

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • English

  • Finnish

  • French

  • German

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Polish

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

  • Thai

  • Turkish

  • Vietnamese

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