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DIY, DIT or Full Service Pricing

CMNTY Platform was designed to be fully DIY but can be deployed as DIT (Do-it-Together) or as a Full Service solution. Whatever you choose, by default you're already getting a head start with a nearly unlimited platform.

  • Fully DIY by default
  • Basic support included
  • Extensive documentation
  • Unlimited activities
  • Unlimited admin accounts
  • Unlimited observer accounts

Pricing Models for Any Situation

We offer several pricing models to meet the demands of any business or industry.
Reach out to discuss what works best for your organization.


For research projects that have a fixed duration. Extensions possible.


For research projects that are continuous or don't have a pre-determined end date.

Hub License

If you conduct research projects regularly for multiple clients then we offer a CMNTY Hub in which you manage multiple projects, supported by your own custom templates and most-economical pricing*.

Professional Services

Basic support is included and when you need assistance i.e. with research design, moderation, reporting or else, then we provide several professional services as an option.

* Qualified agencies only.

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