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Private Social Network

Create A Network Of People That Share An Identity or Interest

Build An Online Social Network That Inspires

CMNTY was designed to help you connect friends, volunteers, colleagues and professionals. Anyone that shares an identity or interest! And, our private social network gives you full control over your content, ownership, design, and connectivity. You can also create an inspiring online ‘app’. This will make your social network users/members feel right at home.

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Build Special Interest Groups

CMNTY gives you many ways to allow people into your platform. You can share a registration link with individual social users. Or, you can invite groups of peers. You can do this by uploading a database of email addresses to the backend of the platform. This is all possible using CMNTY! Build your exclusive membership network. While staying in full control of what your customers can see or do.

Create Something Larger Than Life

They say that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is certainly true for online social networking sites. CMNTY allows you to co-create with members using the Challenges module. Discuss the results in the Forum or Chat module. And, measure opinions using the Survey module and Poll widgets. You’ll have a dynamic space that will never bore.

Flexible functionality
  • Personal Profile Pages

    The platform allows your members to create personal profile pages. They can show who they are and what they like. It shows their interests, specialties and displays their achievements in the community.

  • People Search

    Once the network starts growing, members can use the search widget. Users can find people with similar interests. You can allow members to send each other private messages, public posts and create stronger bonds.

  • Newsletter System

    Your community comes with a built-in newsletter system. To easily update members on activities throughout the platform. Send newsletters to the entire network. Or, use dynamic user groups to reach only subsets. See all features

Lufthansa community

Markus Eichel is operational manager at Lufthansa's School of Business. Learn how he uses CMNTY to allow 500-800 employees collaborate and discuss topics that are covered in live workshops.

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