Professional & B2B Communities

Connect businesses, potential partners, industry leaders, investors, and people who share an interest and a passion for what you do. A community space is an ideal place to get conversations going with the right people.

  • Inspire people with similar interests and passions to work together on big ideas. 

  • Connect businesses, investors, and industry leaders to get everyone on the same page. 

  • Monitor trending topics and understand what events are important for your industry. 

  • Generate momentum for your cause by growing your community.

Examples of Professional & B2B Communities

CMNTY Platform Solarplaza CMNTY Platform Profacts
  • Solarplaza Solarplaza is a pioneering enterprise that, over the course of 10 years and in 25 different countries, has organized over 70 events, focused on connecting professionals and experts in the solar/renewable energy field. They have facilitated knowledge sharing and networking for more than 8,000 professionals worldwide and are using their community platform as a primary digital hub for connecting their community members and strengthening the solar/renewable energy movement.
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  • Profacts - Telecom Community Profacts set up this community to help one of their clients, a large telecom provider, connect with their own customers (primarily self-employed business owners and small businesses). This business-to-business platform’s focus was to gather information about website usability and whether or not the information on the website was relevant to those spending time on it. Profacts used the information gathered to help their client make a plan for creating a more intuitive site that put the information their customers wanted to see in the most visible spots.
    Want to foster connections, grow a network?
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Features That Support Professional & B2B Communities

  • CMNTY Platform Chat

    Chat Kick off events or host live Q/A sessions with a focused, live chat.

  • CMNTY Platform Forum

    Forum Start conversations and have targeted discussions around topics you care about.

  • CMNTY Platform News

    News Post the latest news fresh off the presses to keep your community in the know.

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