Professional development platform
Shift Your Focus, Be Effective

Professional Development Platform

Exchange experiences and build personalized communities. Improve the way you train and track employees!

Share Experiences, Reinvent Your Training Methodologies

What if we told you we can make training a lot easier and less time consuming?

Give your employees access to knowledge, mentoring, coaching and learning groups through an online community platform. Get your team acquainted with company standards quickly. Think teachers, principals but also support staff. By exchanging experiences, organizations get stronger in solving problems.

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Shift Your Focus, Be Effective

Focus on improving communication, problem solving skills and helping your customers and clients. Online learning does not have to be a big investment for your organization, it has to be effective!

Building your professional development platform starts with creating employee training sections. Assign employees to the right sections and let the training begin! Trainees can access sections depending on the groups they are part of.

Simplify Training, Empower Employees

We help making training your employees simple and easy, increasing employee engagement. Using a solid web based professional development system that your employees will actually want to use.

CMNTY allows you to reinvent the way you train and track your team! Through a customizable development platform you can share experiences and build personalized courses. Give your team the tools they need to succeed with your products and services and teach others about it.

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A New Approach

Sharing experiences and ideas across the platform will improve a trainees’ problem solving skills and the way they help customers. Give your employees a creative way of getting used to the standards in your organizations.

Our community software was designed to host training sessions, share ideas, information and files and collect feedback within the scope of your organization. Make your website the primary source for relevant and trusted information.

Improve Training Methods

Give your employees a voice through platform communities. Allow members to provide consistent, actionable feedback about your methods, products and services. With a professional development platform for your employees, you can create more profitable training based on their feedback.

Advantages Of Professional Development Platforms

  • Improve Engagement

    • Notify employees when new or updated courses are available.
    • Use gamification to make sure employees have read and understood courses.
    • Simplify training your employees, increasing employee engagement.
  • Stay in the Know

    • Control permissions to make the right content available to the right people.
    • Keep employees up-to-date on training with quarterly reviews.
    • Alert managers and employees about unread posts and expiring or overdue courses.
  • Become More Efficient

    • Reduce costs of training your employees.
    • Effectively reduce time spent on creating and doing training sessions.
    • Make courses available anytime, anywhere.
  • Gain More Insights

    • Get consistent, actionable feedback from your employees.
    • Improve problem solving skills by exchanging experiences.
    • Focus on improving communication, helping your customers and clients.
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Markus Eichel is Operational Manager at Lufthansa's School of Business. Learn how he has been using CMNTY to build an innovation community.

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