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Build Personalized Communities That Encourage The Exchange Of Valuable Learning Experiences.

Reinvent The Traditional Learning Management System

Did you know you can make online learning a lot more interesting and less time consuming? By allowing people to exchange experiences in an online community, organizations can become stronger and faster in solving problems. It makes sense, right?

Because of today’s social networking landscape, giving your staff access to knowledge, mentoring and coaching through an online platform comes naturally. By allowing trainers and trainees to connect with each other while learning, you’ll create a professional learning environment that is both fun and effective.

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Stimulate Professional Growth

Introducing an online learning platform doesn’t have to be a big out-of-pocket investment for your business. As long as you make sure it is effective! The secret sauce is to focus on improving team communication and problem solving skills and work towards a common goal. Online communities are ideal for that. For example: encourage people to discuss in a private forum how to improve customer experience or allow them to exchange ideas on how to get more clients.

Utilize The Power Of Competition & Fun!

But it doesn’t stop there… By creating user groups and dynamic sections based on activity and achievements, you can create a space people will love to return to. Use gamification to reward people for their participation. Reward team members with points or badges and use leaderboards to show who’s winning. Competition can be a great accelerator for learning!

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Start Small. Achieve Big Results

Use CMNTY Platform as your professional development system. Putting this tool in the hands of your team can be a real game changer. It will empower your team to succeed faster with the products and services they use, sell or build, and encourage others to do the same.

The best way to start your online professional development platform is by creating a welcoming environment. Apply your organization’s branding to your platform and make people feel at home. Organize content by department, target audience or goal and invite people to the contribute. It’s that simple.

Build A Next Level Organization

Our community software was designed to support training sessions, polling, idea sharing and gathering of feedback within the scope of your organization. And by integrating it with your website, CRM or intranet, it can become the primary source for relevant and trusted information.

Don’t wait any longer. Give your employees a voice through online learning communities. Allow people to provide consistent, actionable feedback about the training methods they love and allow them to teach each other. Build the next level learning organization!

Advantages Of Professional Development Platforms

  • Higher Engagement

    • Encourage through online social interaction.
    • Reward members for achievements using gamification.
    • Auto-notify teams when new courses are available or when there’s feedback.
  • Stay In Control

    • Alert teachers and teams about unread posts or overdue training material.
    • Use permissions to provide the right content to the right people.
    • Use dynamic user groups to unlock new challenges to high achievers.
  • Become More Efficient

    • Reduce time spent on (re)creating training sessions.
    • Reduce costs by utilizing peer-to-peer learning.
    • Increase learning opportunities through “anytime anywhere” online access.
  • Gain More Insights

    • Get instant high quality and actionable feedback from your team.
    • Access real-time data on member activity and achievements.
    • Collect valuable info about over and under performing teams.
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Markus Eichel is Operational Manager at Lufthansa's School of Business. Learn how he has been using CMNTY to build an innovation community.

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