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Custom Image Your Expert Value

Your Expert Value

Help your client by analyzing collected data, and share that as soon as possible. CMNTY Platform is cost effective and low risk, and can be set up in a few hours and combined with our integrated recruitment solution, powered by Dynata, your panel is available in the shortest amount of time.

Custom Image Built to Help You Grow

Built to Help You Grow

We understand the challenges you have as an independent researcher. That’s why even our smallest subscription provides you all the functionality needed to run a successful qual project. And if you need assistance, our customer success managers are here to help. We consider every insights professional a partner and we believe in achieving mutual growth.

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Once we’ve worked together, and you’ve proven to be an expert in your field we will invite you to join us in our network of skilled professionals. This will allow us to render your services for projects we are asked for.

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Success. Rewind. Repeat.

We are confident you'll find CMNTY Platform intuitive and suitable for most research tasks, even the complicated ones. Before you'll know it you will use it on every project. Let your reputation and your references speak for itself.

Ready to Unlock the Power of Online Qualitative?

Enrich your market research with highly interactive and visual qualitative studies that people love to participate in. Schedule a personal walkthrough of CMNTY Platform or get free trial today.

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