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Customer Success Stories

I & O Research

How I & O built two successful communities with CMNTY

Thompson Marketing Consulting

How Thompson Marketing Consulting managed to have dogs as online qual participants



How Leger Helped Make Focus Groups Efficient & Affordable for Their Clients

Boutique MR

Boutique MR

How a Boutique MR Firm Excels in Food Retail Research Using Online Qual

ATB Financial

ATB Financial

How ATB Financial is Breaking Cultural Boundaries Around Money Whilst Gathering Secure Customer Insights

Reima Clothing

Reima Clothing

How Reima Clothing is Giving Consumers a Voice While Collecting Better & Continuous Insights

Straight One

Straight One

5 Reasons Why an Insights Community is Ideal for Building Behavioral Economic Models



How a Community Platform Empowers Adolescent Health Promotion



How Meistro Built a Partner & Consumer Community for the Energy Market

Beautiful Lives

Beautiful Lives

How Beautiful Lives Uses Community Insights to Power Design Thinking



RTL: Understanding Millennial Viewing Behavior Using a Community



How Blauw Is Gaining Better Customer Insights Using Communities



How Lufthansa Improved Team Collaboration with a Community

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