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We are only satisfied when your project is a success. To give you a carefree start, we have standard services included in your license.


Our first priority is to know who you are, what your project is about and what your goals are for the project; overall said, what are you trying to accomplish?

Set-up of your platform

We know that you want to start with your project. Losing time with the set-up of a platform is not what you are looking for. We make sure that your platform is ready to use right from the start.

Platform in look and feel

The look and feel of your platform is one of the most important aspects of your project. A recognizable platform increases trust, interaction and engagement from your participants.

Final platform check

We do a final platform check together with you before you go live. If we programmed the platform for you, we will go over the complete set-up explaining to you what we did and why we did it.

Success Manager

Every project comes with a dedicated success manager who will check in with you during every stage of your project. They are also available to help you with your (technical) questions. We got your back!

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Recruitment and Segmentation

There is no research project without participants. With the recruitment service we can support you during all steps of the recruitment process. With the segmentation of your participants, we help you segment the content and make analysis available per segment.


It can be that you have a list with only email addresses, that you have a complete data file or that you do not have any participants yet. What your situation is, we can help you get your participants - and more important, their data - in your platform.


We can help you organize your participants and their data, segmentate participants for analysis purposes or limit content to a certain group. With our inventive grouping system we help you create the project you want.

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Content Strategy

Your research design is the leading element in your research project. The right implementation of this design helps you to reach your goal in the most successful way.

Research design check

One of our most used services is the ‘research design check’. With this service we perform a critical review of your research design. With your research goal in mind, we have a look at how your research design is set-up.

Research implementation

We can support you with the implementation of your research design. We implement and plan the content in accordance with the design and we create a task list for the participants and segment your participants where needed.

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Engagement Strategy

Increased engagement of your participants results in valuable data. With the engagement strategy we create a plan to keep your members engaged during your research project.

Newsletters and reminders

The first way to keep your participants engaged is by using newsletters and reminders. With these tools we can send anything from simple reminders, to custom made newsletters.


The second way to engage your participants is by using gamification. The gamification strategy stimulates participants to participate within your research. Together with you, we will develop a custom set of badges for your participants to earn during the research project.

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Project Management

We are happy to support you in any task that helps you focus on what you do best. Just let us know which tasks you want to outsource to us.

Focus groups & IDI’s

One of the tasks that is outsourced the most to us, is the scheduling of focus groups and IDI’s. Based on your availability, we schedule interviews with participants. We invite them, check their device and remind them when necessary.

Platform health check

Despite a good research design and preparation, it can happen that your project stagnates. If you tried everything within your possibilities, we can help you to reactivate your project.

Overall project management

We understand that you want to focus on what you do best. That is why we can support you in most other tasks as well. Check-in with us for any specific task you want to outsource to us and we will discuss the possibilities with you.

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Participant Management

Your participants require attention during the project. When you focus on your research project, we can manage your participants and handle the communication with them.

Managing participants

It can be that you want to freeze participants that are not active, replace inactive participants with new participants or start with a complete new sample. Whatever your need is, we will take care of the process to give your project the participants you are looking for to reach your goal.


When participants are active, they will have questions. A big part of the questions are about the platform itself or about the reward of the participants. We have a separate inbox for these kinds of questions so that you don’t have to worry about them.

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We are happy to transfer our knowledge to you. With a custom made training, we strive to increase your knowledge so that you are able to get more value out of your project.

Custom made training sessions

Each training we offer is custom made based on your wishes and needs. Whether you are facing challenges, want to dive deeper in (new) functionalities or that you have a new member on your team. Every training will help you to get the most out of the platform to reach your research goals.

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