About the Questionnaire module

The Questionnaire Module is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create surveys for both quantitative and qualitative research. It is possible to make questions mandatory, randomize questions, pipe answers from one question to another, add page logic and if you use the Gamification feature, award points or badges to members who have completed the questionnaire.

You can change settings and configure your Questionnaire module by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Activities at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Choose Questionnaire on the menu.
  3. Choose the number of Questionnaires per page you would like to show.
  4. You can set a start and end date to your questionnaire, add a featured image or an attachment. You can also assign your questionnaire to a specific user group or let everyone complete it.

You can add different types of Questions to the Questionnaire module on your CMNTY Platform. You can add a question to your Questionnaire by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Activities at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Choose Questionnaire on the menu.
  3. Click the Options button next to a Questionnaire and choose Program or you can click on three dots next to the Options button.
  4. On this page, you can choose to Add Question and Add Page.
  5. At Select a Question Type, you can determine the answer options.


Below you will see an overview of all the optional questions and an explanation:

  • Descriptive Text 
  • Open Question
    If you add an open question to your questionnaire, your respondents are able to tell you about their experiences in their own words. Open questions are used for qualitative results.
  • Numerical Question
    A numerical question allows you to ask your community members to fill in a field with a number. It is possible to preset a range of values (i.e. 1-100) and have our system check to make sure that the response is within that range.
  • Multiple Choice
    When you add a multiple choice question, respondents choose the best possible answers from the options you give them. While making a multiple choice question, you can determine whether your respondents can provide one answer only or select multiple answers.
  • Multiple Choice Grid
    A multiple choice grid question allows you to ask your community members multiple questions that all have the same answer possibilities. The respondent can select multiple answers for each question.
  • Rating Scale Matrix
    With a rating scale matrix question, you can ask your respondents multiple questions that have the same answer possibilities.
  • Slider Question
    Slider questions are used for questions that require answers on a scale. Respondents answer the question by moving the slider to the value of their choice.
  • Date select
    A date question allows you to ask your community members to answer a question by selecting a date. Community members will see a date-picker which makes it easy to select a valid date.
  • HeatMap
    A heatmap allows you to share an image with users and have them select positive and negative aspects, which they can share the comments on. Community members can upload the images and review a map of the points and comments in questionnaire analysis.

Analyzing Results module

CMNTY Platform also lets you easily analyze the questionnaire results in the quantitative analysis part. You will find colorful, easy-to-read graphs so that you can see your quantitative data at a glance and, for qualitative responses, you can search for keywords or terms. Graphs can be downloaded as PDFs in case you want to share them with clients or colleagues and we have an Export Tool that lets you get at the raw data.

You can also filter your results to show only response data from certain user groups or individual users, giving you easy access to even the most granular data. Learn more about analyzing the Questionnaire module.