About the Webshop module

The Webshop can be used together with the gamification engine. In the gamification article, the purpose and the functioning of points are explained. The Webshop module is the page where users can spend their earned points, which gives the points real value. You can decide what products you want to offer in the Webshop and how many points they will cost.

You can find and change your Webshop settings by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Configure at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Underneath Modules, choose Webshop at the left menu.
  3. Decide the number of Webshop Items you want to be shown on one page.
  4. You can allow community managers to upload Attachments in webshop items like images, videos and documents.
  5. Fill in the title of the handling description that is shown in the shopping cart.
  6. Fill in a Handling Description to explain to your members how the order will be processed. This message is shown in the shopping cart.webshop settings
  7. Fill in the name and email address of the Contact Person that handles Webshop orders.contact person


These two widgets might be interesting if you are using the Webshop module.

  1. Webshop Categories widget
  2. Shopping Cart widget

Need more information?

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