Activating Plans

If you have signed up for one of our free 14-day trials, you may be ready to take your community to the next level by either activating your community at the end of your trial period or by upgrading for more functionality. Here’s how to move forward and keep the momentum going:

  1. Go to the Admin Section of your platform and click the yellow button in the right corner that says Activate your plan.activate your plan
  2. You will be directed to a page that shows our different plans. Click Activate by the plan you are interested in. You will be asked to confirm your activation. Once you have done this, a representative will be in touch with you about next steps and you can expect an invoice to finish up your activation.

If your trial expires, you will not lose your data immediately.  There is some extra time available but it’s best to contact support to ensure nothing is lost before you decide to activate.  You will not be charged starting on the day the trial is up, only when you activate described above.



For more information about our different plans and what is included in each, you can compare our plans or learn more about them, individually:

  1. Professional Plan
  2. Advanced Plan
  3. Premium Plan
  4. Enterprise Plan

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