Adding Images

In most of the modules, you can add images in three different ways.

Text editor image

CMNTY platforms are provided with a text editor in all locations of the platform where you can add content. With this text editor you can add images by using the icon in the text editor itself. Images can be placed in-between text and can be resized using HTML or by selecting the image and move the right bottom corner. If you click on the image and select Edit you can add a url and select the position of this image.

Be sure to check if you have saved your images in the right size, so the correct image size will be shown in all browsers and email programs.


Featured image

This image is visible in widgets and on the overview page. The image won’t be showed on the detail page, therefor you can use attachments.
featured image


Attachments will be added to the item as a thumbnail. You can click on the thumbnail to see the image in full size. You can also add other file sizes, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an image.

If you don’t add a featured image but you have added an attachment, it will be used in the widgets and on the overview page. If you don’t add an attachment but you do have a featured image, the attachment will not be replaced by the featured image, in this case there will be no attachment visible.

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