Using the advanced platform design template

If you would like to further than what is possible with our standard platform design template, we can offer you our advanced platform design template.

With these settings you can:

  1. Add your own Background Image for the main background or login page background.
  2. Choose a different Font Family and Font Size.
  3. Change the Shape of Avatars (square vs. rounded).
  4. Change the Border-Radius of all Main Elements (i.e. the widgets in the sidebar or your main content areas) or the Border-Radius and/or the Size of Buttons.
  5. Set Footer Background and Text Colors.

advanced platform design template

What does it mean if (Cyrillic, Latin, Vietnamese) is added when choosing a different font for your platform? Each font has its own characters. The fonts that we use do not support each language. The languages that are displayed after the font explains for which kind of languages the font can be used. (Not many fonts support ALL languages.)

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