Setting up user group categories

User Group categories help you classify segments of your community member population. Example: You may want to create a group category Men that includes the groups, Men 25-50 and Men 50+. When you are publishing content to your community, you can assign specific content, not only to certain groups, but also […]

How to create user groups

It is possible to divide users into different user groups. Grouping users will help you not only analyze community content and activity in a more meaningful way, but it also allows you to assign specific content to only a subset of your community. In this way, you can curate your community […]

Resending Invites

You can resend an invite or you can resend multiple invites at the same time. Resend one invite You can resend one invite by following the steps below: Go to Manage at the top menu in Admin. Underneath Users, choose Invites at the left menu. Choose Options and click Resend. The Times sent column will […]

How to set role permissions

You can change the permissions of a role by following the steps below: Go to Configure at the top menu of Admin. Underneath Users, choose Permissions at the left menu. Select the Role permissions tab. You will see a list of permissions divided by categories and several columns for different user types. […]

Adding users to groups

Users can be added to groups manually (normal user group) or automatically (dynamic user group). You may want to use a dynamic user group to create a group based on gender or age, on the last time they were online, or on an answer to a poll question. If you […]

Important settings checklist

When setting up a new platform, you should first and foremost pay attention to: Email Configuration Default Messages The placement of Modules and Widgets These are the most important things to have sorted before sending out invites to the platform. You can find them by following these steps: Go to […]

Using language overrides

Language Overrides allow you to customize the default text in your CMNTY Platform. You can change default text in your CMNTY Platform by simply following these steps: Go to Configure at the top menu in Admin. Choose Language Overrides at the left menu. If multiple languages are activated in your platform, make […]

Terms & conditions: tips from the team

Tips for setting up the general Terms & Conditions of your CMNTY Platform General terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of your community members. It is important to be clear from the start to avoid any misunderstandings. In this article we give you a few rules of thumb […]