Are you ISO 27001 compliant?

CMNTY is working on becoming fully ISO 27001 compliant. Please contact us if you want to be updated on the progress we make. Check out more frequently asked questions! Must read: How Lufthansa Built an Enterprise Innovation Community!

Can I pay by bank, purchase order or invoice?

Yes. Professional Plans and Premium Plans can be paid by bank. We do require a minimal subscription term of 6 months and for Professional Plans require this term to be paid in full upfront. We accept purchase orders but also need you to sign a form that lists the Plan purchased […]

Are you GDPR compliant?

The European GDPR act (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. CMNTY is actively scanning our policies and technical infrastructure for GDPR and will apply updates where necessary. If updates are necessary we expect to be fully compliant before the May 25, 2018 deadline of GDPR. […]


Shortcodes are dynamic fields that will show information that is particular to individual users. For example, you want to create a custom welcome message on your CMNTY Platform that greets users with “Welcome {USERNAME},” where {USERNAME} is replaced by that user’s username. If shortcodes are available in a particular email […]

Are you WCAG compliant?

We are often asked if CMNTY Platform is WCAG 2.0 compliant. The short answer is: we are compliant to the extent which you can expect from any modern technology provider. However, we feel that in the spirit of full transparency, and because we take questions like this very seriously, it is […]

Can I see examples built on CMNTY Platform?

We get asked a lot for examples of platforms built on CMNTY. While many of our clients choose to make their communities completely private, there are a couple of nice examples of platforms that are public or partially public. Here’s a couple of them: MOM365 COMMUNITY A community for new […]

Assigning Content to User Groups

You can easily assign content and activities in your CMNTY Platform to specific user groups. When you assign content to a user group, only members in that user group will see the blog, forum, challenge, etc. In this way, you can curate the content that each member sees so members […]

User Groups

One of the most powerful features of CMNTY Platform is our user grouping system. User groups allow you to export information from segments of your community to understand your community activity in meaningful ways and allow you to target content to specific members (with a targeted group) so you can […]

Obsolete User Groups

When you look at your user groups, you may sometimes see a group marked Obsolete. When a user group is obsolete, it means the user group has been deactivated. You can still adjust the triggers of an obsolete user group, if necessary, and to reactivate the groups, simply follow the steps […]