Setting the platform name

The name of the platform is the name which users will see at their browsers tab and in the top bar of their browsers. You can change this by following the steps below: Go to Configure at the top menu in Admin. Choose Platform Details at the left menu. Type your Platform Name. […]

Tips on general platform community management

CMNTY Platform is a diverse tool and can, therefore, be used in several ways to achieve different goals. Although you are free to choose and combine various functionalities to meet the purpose of your community, we would like to provide you with a couple of guidelines that will help you […]

Pausing and Other Platform Options in CMNTY Cloud

CMNTY Cloud allows for a number of functions to manage and maintain platforms. Through Cloud you can Activate, Update, Edit, Pause, Internal Use, Protect, or Delete platforms. Below we cover these options and share tips on using them. Activate Cloud Platforms Activating a platform takes an existing platform and  You can activate a […]

Deleting Users

You can delete users from your CMNTY platform by following the steps below: Go to Manage at the top menu in Admin. Underneath Users, choose User Management at the left menu. In the Options drop-down menu next to a user, choose Delete. You will see two options for deleting user data […]

Using page logic (routing) in the questionnaire

Page logic allows you to route your community members to different pages of your Questionnaire based on their responses to individual questions. You can choose to route a community member when their answer is equal to, not equal to, greater than, less than, one of the following answers, not one […]

Domain Name & SSL

Domain Name All CMNTY platforms have their own domain name (website URL). Your platform can run on our domain or on a custom domain. For example, if your company name is “Flex” we can configure the platform to run on our domain i.e. or you can set up a […]

Editing questionnaires

You can edit the settings and details of an existing Questionnaire by following the steps below: Go to Publish at the top menu in Admin. Choose Questionnaire at the left menu. Choose Options next to a Questionnaire and click Edit. Now you can edit descriptions, update settings, or segment the Questionnaire.

Organizing Forums

To understand how to organize a forum, it’s helpful to know what the structure of the forum is: Boards Board Category (Optional) Discussions Posts The forum module can consist of multiple Categories. In each category, multiple Boards can be added. In their turn, boards can consist of multiple Discussions. Finally, users […]

Creating a Blog Post

You can create a Blog Post for your CMNTY Platform by following the steps below: Go to Publish at the top menu in Admin. Choose the Blog module at the left menu. Click Add Blog to create a new blog. Need more information about the blog module? Or, read about more exciting features and modules included […]

About the Blog Module

The Blog module allows you to post articles informing participants about interesting news and developments in the community. The difference between the Blog and News modules is that the Blog module allows the participants to comment on the articles. You can change the settings of the blog module by following […]