Adding Widgets to your platform

Add widgets to your platform You can add a widget to the front end of your platform by following the steps below: Go to the Configure page at the top menu. Choose Page Configuration at the left menu. Next to the page where you want to add a widget to, […]

Choosing icons for the main navigation menu

Top Menu introduced in Platform 6 removed icons in the menu. Left-oriented main navigation menu which allows icons should be discussed with your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions. You can change the icons in the main navigation menu of your CMNTY Platform by following the steps below: […]

Using Campaigns

Campaign is a tool you can use to track the use of a link to your platform. Thanks to campaigns, you can find out how often users or guests navigate to your platform by opening a link you spread in a message (such as newsletters, emails, Facebook posts, tweets, etc), […]