Adding Users to Groups

Users can be added to groups manually (normal user group) or automatically (dynamic user group). You may want to use a dynamic user group to create a group based on gender or age, on the last time they were online, or on an answer to a poll question. If you […]

Resending Invites

You can resend an invite or you can resend multiple invites at the same time. Resend one invite You can resend one invite by following the steps below: Go to Manage at the top menu in Admin. Underneath Users, choose Invites at the left menu. Choose Options and click Resend. The Times sent column will […]


Your CMNTY Platform consists of a front-end section and an admin section. The front-end is the part which members can see and the admin is the CMS system which only Community Managers can access. The Admin menu is divided into different tabs. In the Configure tab of Admin, you can […]

Platform Configuration

The Platform Configuration page allows you to select which modules you’d like to use within your platform. It also lets you select basic options, such as activating Terms & Conditions or Gamification. Modules Within this section you are able to turn ON or OFF the available modules. When a module […]


Badges can be awarded for various activity on the platform. They can be awarded based on the number of points earned, profile information, or platform activity. Importantly, badges can be given manually, or awarded automatically by creating triggers. There are two ways to display the badges in users’ profiles: When […]

User Ranking

If you are incentivizing participation using points with CMNTY Platform’s built-in Gamification system, you may be interested in creating user ranks that your members can strive for (Ranks are not applied to Community Managers). If you want to work with User Ranking, you will first need to create your User Ranks […]

Cookie Message

The European Union makes it mandatory for websites to ask for permission to add cookies on a users computer when visiting a website. The cookie message only appears for people accessing the platform from within the EU. In the platform settings you can decide if you want this message to […]

Platform Menu Setup

You can select the modules or custom links that you want to show in the platform menu. From the Admin section, go to Configure. Under the General heading, choose Menu Configuration at the left menu. You can reorder items in the menu by dragging and dropping them. You can remove items […]

Social Sharing

Community managers are Social Sharing when they share platform content on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Sharing content on social media would only make sense if you have an open platform. You can enable or disable Social Sharing for individual media sites: Go to Configure at the top menu in […]

Sticky Topics

A Sticky topic is a topic that is always displayed on top of your CMNTY Platform’s topics list, even when newer topics are added. You can allow a topic to be sticky by following the steps below: Go to Publish at the top menu in Admin. Choose Forum at the left […]