Reporting Security Incidents

Although we do our best to keep our security level high and protect everyone’s privacy at best, there is always a chance you might have come across a (potential) dangerous issue. All of our platforms have been equipped with a security.txt file, according to the standards defined over here. You […]


At CMNTY we regularly discuss feature ideas for our platform. Many of these ideas come directly from our clients who have great ways of solving certain problems. We can’t put every idea into practice, but we have processes in place to make sure the best ideas make it to the […]

Events Registration with Questionnaire

Without a native Events module, we thought of an innovative solution to maintaining an events registration system within the platform. Our Questionnaire module works well as a form to confirm attendance to an event by requiring members to submit their response to be counted as registered to an event. Attendance […]

About Recruitment

Recruitment is a section for reviewing imported member information, by allowing a view of all profiles imported to the platform before they are registered as an invite or user. After importing a CSV of users and assigning their profile information, this information is created as profiles in Recruitment. Recruitment offers […]

Newsletter Insights

Tracking engagement of members is now much easier with our Newsletter feature in Analysis. Newsletter allows a quick review of who was sent a given Newsletter and assess whether the user received, opened, bounced, or complained about the email. Review Newsletter Insights Go to Analyze on the top menu in Admin. Select Newsletter […]

Find members who unsubscribed from Newsletter

Our Dynamic User Group system allows for quick segmentation of members based on their platform activity. Our triggers allow you to see what members have not submitted an idea to a Challenge or answered a specific response to a Poll. These triggers cover the majority of modules and even some […]

Community Insights Dashboard

Our Insights dashboard offer a real-time solution for quantitative analysis on the platform. The graphs offer a quick visual analysis of members, their general platform activity, and their demographics. The graphs available are Members Online, Total Members, Member Segmentation, Average Time Online, and Demographics. These graphs are an instant indicator […]

Track platform links with Campaign

The Campaign feature is a robust tracking system to see how many clicks occur on a link within the platform or sent from the platform. Campaign can even pinpoint existing users, new users, and guests based on how they reach the link location. Creating a campaign link is quick and […]