Blacklisting Email Domains

Controlling who can register to an Open Platform is simple with the Registration Blacklist. If you notice an issue with spam account within your community, you can prevent new registrations from the same email domain by blacklisting the domain. Domains you want to blacklist can be specific to one domain […]

Reports in Pulse

The Report feature is supported within the Pulse section where Community Managers can review existing reports for resolution and set-up auto-report settings to automatically label content for review in the Reports section. Reporting In Forum and Challenge modules, users have the ability to report inappropriate topics, ideas, and comments through […]

Using Forgot Password to Reset Password

Whether you or one of your members are having trouble logging in, the Forgot Password form allows anyone to direct a Reset Password link to an email address connected to an account in your community. To sent a Reset Password link, follow the instructions below: Forgot Password Form Go to […]

Customizing Platform Email Templates

All platform email notifications can be customized to match the branding and content of your community. Reviewing and updating the email notifications members receive will make these messages more relevant to members engaging them to jump into your community. You can customize your email templates by following the steps below: […]

Task List

The Task List is our most integrated tool for assigning content to members and tracking their completion as a whole community. Task List functions as a widget within the platform and can be placed in the Main Top and Sidebar sections of pages. Content can be added and sorted by […]

Profanity Filter in Pulse

Pulse includes features that allow for automated review of content through Pulse with Auto-Reporting and Auto-Bookmarking & Profanity Filter. Profanity Filter Within Pulse, you can enable Profanity Filter on the English language in the Settings section by selecting Yes on the drop-down. Based on a predefined list of keywords, any […]

User Details in Pulse

Pulse allows for the most comprehensive view of a member’s profile with the full details of a user. In the User Details section, you can view all of a user’s profile fields, technical details, Task List progress and Forum posts in the same place. User Details Within Pulse you can search […]

Bookmarking Posts for Pulse

CMNTY Pulse offers a simple tool to save front-end posts for further review in Admin. All Challenge and Forum posts now allow for bookmarking by Community Managers. Bookmarks are personal, but all Community Managers can see each-other’s bookmarks. Bookmarking is different than reported content as reports can be user-generated and […]


CMNTY Pulse is the ultimate moderation tool within CMNTY Platform by allowing an area for Community Managers to review and bookmark content, filter and categorize user posts, and see full member profiles with their information and content. Pulse is currently in beta, so please be aware that options and experience […]

Invite Options and Register Experience

When launching a platform, knowing exactly how the user will experience the new platform is important to ensuring invitees join your community. To this end, we will describe the different invite options as well as the user experience for registering to the platform below so you can plan what will […]