Auto-Reporting & Profanity Filter

Pulse includes two features that allow for automated review of content through Pulse with Auto-Reporting and Profanity Filter. Members can still manually report content as well, so all reported content will appear in the Reports section within Pulse for review. Auto-Reporting Within Pulse, you can manually enter a list of […]

User Details in Pulse

Pulse allows for the most comprehensive view of a member’s profile with the full details of a user. In the User Details section, you can view all of a user’s profile fields, technical details, and Forum posts in the same place. User Details Within Pulse you can search for a specific […]

Bookmarking Posts for Pulse

CMNTY Pulse offers a simple tool to save front-end posts for further review in Admin. All Challenge and Forum posts now allow for bookmarking by Community Managers. Bookmarks are personal, so, at this time, you can only see your own bookmarks in Pulse. Bookmarking is different than reported content as […]


CMNTY Pulse is the ultimate moderation tool within CMNTY Platform by allowing an area for Community Managers to review and bookmark content, filter and tag user posts, and see full member profiles with their information and content. Pulse is currently in beta, so please be aware that options and experience […]

Invite Options and Register Experience

When launching a platform, knowing exactly how the user will experience the new platform is important to ensuring invitees join your community. To this end, we will describe the different invite options as well as the user experience for registering to the platform below so you can plan what will […]

Using Challenge for Ideation Contests

The Challenge module has many uses, though one of the most powerful is to encourage ideation within a community. Challenge allows admins to manage and control the process members submit and review ideas based on a prompt through a couple of easy features. Organizing a contest for members to submit […]

Forum Categories

Forum includes Categories, which allows an overview for all Boards by category with the number of discussions available on each board listed. Categories are set when creating a Board and allow for the Category View when on the overview page for the Forum module. Categories can be enabled with the Category […]

User Group Webinar

We are excited to share our Webinars on our Help Center after they have occurred. Please be aware these are recorded live. If you have any questions, please send them to

Pinned Discussions in Forum

A Pinned discussion is a discussion that is always displayed on top of its board’s list, even when newer discussions are added. Only Community Managers and Admin-level roles can make a discussion pinned. You can allow a discussion to be pinned by following the steps below: While viewing the discussion, […]

Hiding “Start New Discussion” Button on Forum

  The Forum offers a message board where users create discussions on various topics. When you want to control the topics discussed, it’s helpful to prevent members from creating new discussions. Currently, we do not offer a feature to only turn off the “Start New Discussion” button for a given board. […]