About CSS

  What is CSS? CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheet; Stylesheets in which layout, color and fonts are defined. Using a stylesheet allows you to keep the design of a website separate from the content and structure. How does CSS work? With CSS, you can refer to specific elements […]

What is your cancellation policy?

CMNTY works with subscriptions. You can purchase a monthly subscription plan or a yearly subscription plan. You can cancel a plan anytime and when you do, your subscription won’t expire until the end of your current subscription period. Examples: You activate an (monthly paid) Advanced plan on February 15, 2019 and you […]

Designing the email template

You can customize your CMNTY Platform emails by following the steps below: In the Configure section, go to Site Appearance. Choose Email Template. You can change the Email Background Color, Message Background Color, Message Text Color, Footer Text Color, and Accent Color. You can add a Header Image to your emails […]