Focus Troubleshooting

Focus heavily relies on the camera and microphone of your device. Being able to access both is important in order to run successful sessions. In case either your microphone or video is not working properly, please follow guidelines below in order to resolve the issue. Conduct an Automated Test Focus […]


Use HeatMap for product concept testing and point-of-sale goods where shelf placement, webshop design, branding and packaging impacts a buyer’s decision. Allow people to place Positive and Negative markers with comments on any image. Understand what people like or dislike and where they focus their attention on. Heatmap is a […]

About the Focus Module – for Online Focus Groups and IDIs

Host online focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs)  within CMNTY Platform. Automatically transcribe recorded sessions, bookmark important moments for later analysis and filter on sentiment. The Focus module offers a seamless location to organize online video sessions with members of your platform. With Focus, moderatos can meet through video with […]

Panel Recruitment using Dynata

Get direct access to millions of global consumers and business professionals through Dynata’s industry leading fully-permissioned first-party dataset. Reduce the time gap between onboarding members and the start of your community. Increase efficiency by gathering data for all your research needs in one solution, and provide data-driven results more quickly. […]


Encourage ideation and co-creation with MoodBoard. Help members visualize their ideas by allowing them to generate their own mood boards. They can upload their own images or use the built-in stock photo library. Use image recognition to turn mood boards into word clouds. Find patterns and derive insights. Creating a […]

Blacklisting Email Domains

Controlling who can register to an Open Platform is simple with the Registration Blacklist. If you notice an issue with spam account within your community, you can prevent new registrations from the same email domain by blacklisting the domain. Domains you want to blacklist can be specific to one domain […]

Reported Content

The Report feature is supported within Analyze menu where Moderators can review existing reports for resolution and set-up auto-report settings to automatically label content for review in the Reports section. Reporting In Forum, Challenge, and Blog modules, users have the ability to report inappropriate topics, ideas, and comments through the […]

Using Forgot Password to Reset Password

Whether you or one of your members are having trouble logging in, the Forgot Password form allows anyone to direct a Reset Password link to an email address connected to an account in your community. To sent a Reset Password link, follow the instructions below: Forgot Password Form Go to […]

Customizing Platform Email Templates

All platform email notifications can be customized to match the branding and content of your community. Reviewing and updating the email notifications members receive will make these messages more relevant to members engaging them to jump into your community. You can customize your email templates by following the steps below: […]

Participant Insights

Analyze Participation Task Lists can be analyzed in Participant Insights under Analyze menu for all the participants or for specific participants. The Task List section offers a complete overview of all tasks assigned, the content’s status, the number of participants who completed and are assigned to complete the task, and […]