Using Markdown in the Discussion Board

  The Discussion Board module is one of the first in CMNTY Platform to support the Markdown language. This allows you to add styling to your message without having to code HTML. While the toolbar for a new Discussion supports Bolded and Italic text, Bullet and Number lists, Hyperlink, Emojis, […]

Embedding CMNTY in Your Website

Your community may be a supplement to your organization’s website. Rather than routing your members directly to your CMNTY platform, you can embed your platform directly onto your site. To configure your platform to be embedded, all it takes is a quick setting change. Enable Embedding of Platform To activate […]

Setting your platform’s Privacy Statement

The Privacy Statement should be used to inform your members which data you are collecting, why you are collecting this data and who is processing this data. When the Privacy Statement is activated, users will have to accept them in order to complete registration. Activate Privacy Statement You can activate […]

What are Admin Roles?

We offer multiple platform roles to our community with the main difference being between user roles with only front-end access, Members and Observers, and roles with Admin access, Platform Owner and Community Manager. To clarify how these roles operate and their permissions, below we define these roles: Member Roles: Member […]

Moving Forum topics

Forum Topics are confined to their Forum, however topics are not visible in Admin to be arranged. Our Move feature now allows Admins to move topics to a different forum. To move a Forum Topic: Go to Forum and enter the desired Topic to move. Hover over Move in the Settings […]

Audit Trail in Analyze

Reviewing actions in the platform is now much easier with our Audit Trail feature in Analyze. The Audit Trail keeps track of any security related matters of users in regards to authentication. The following actions will appear in the Audit Trail: Every time a user succeeds to log in Every […]

The Discussion Board overview widget

The Discussion Board Overview widget shows a list of active discussions. The purpose is to draw extra attention to The Discussion Board Module. The widget is often placed in the sidebar, so you can see the titles of the active challenges in one list overview. When a disucssion is expired, […]

The Discussion Board statistics widget

The Discussion Board Statistics widget shows the number of topics and posts in the Discussion Board Module. This widget gives attention to the Discussion Board module and to stimulate users to participate in the boards. It keeps the users up to date on the Discussion Board module and is often placed […]

Upgrading and its benefits

When your community grows, so does your ability to engage users when you upgrade your plan. Your decision to upgrade can be for a number of reasons from increasing members, desire for increased engagement tool, or greater segmentation and analytics. Whatever your reasons may be, we outline all the benefits […]

Where can I find my invoices?

The ability to view and edit payment information if rests solely with the Platform Owner. Invoice statements can easily be found in the Payment section of Admin. Finding Invoices Sign in as the Platform Owner. Go to the Admin section of your CMNTY Platform. Select Payment in the Profile drop-down on the top-right. Go to Invoices on the […]