Task List

Task List The Task List is our most integrated tool for assigning content to participants and tracking their completion as a whole community. Task List functions as a widget within the platform and can be placed in the Main Top and Sidebar sections of pages. Content can be added and […]

Qualitative Analysis

Categorize important content manually or automatically for later analysis. Collect comments that matter. Filter on sentiment and generate word clouds for quicker and more meaningful insights. Bookmarks Bookmarking offers a simple tool to save front-end posts for further review in Admin. All Forum, Challenge, Blog, Journal posts and Focus transcription […]

Analyze – Overview

By allowing an area for Moderators to review and bookmark content, filter and categorize user posts, and see full member profiles with their information and content. Bookmarking Any content within the Forum, Journal, Challenge, Blog module and Focus transcripts can be bookmarked by Moderators.  Content can automatically be bookmarked by […]

Invite Options and Register Experience

When launching a platform, knowing exactly how the user will experience the new platform is important to ensuring invitees join your community. To this end, we will describe the different invite options as well as the user experience for registering to the platform below so you can plan what will […]

Using Challenge for Ideation Contests

The Challenge module has many uses, though one of the most powerful is to encourage ideation within a community. Challenge allows admins to manage and control the process members submit and review ideas based on a prompt through a couple of easy features. Organizing a contest for members to submit […]

Forum Categories

Forum includes Categories, which allows an overview for all Boards by category with the number of discussions available on each board listed. Categories are set when creating a Board and allow for the Category View when on the overview page for the Forum module. Categories can be enabled with the Category […]

Hiding “Start New Discussion” Button on Forum

The Forum offers a message board where users create discussions on various topics. When you want to control the topics discussed, it’s helpful to prevent participants from creating new discussions. We offer the ability to hide the “Start New Discussion” button for a given board with CSS or by removing […]

Reporting Security Incidents

Although we do our best to keep our security level high and protect everyone’s privacy at best, there is always a chance you might have come across a (potential) dangerous issue. All of our platforms have been equipped with a security.txt file, according to the standards defined over here. You […]

Events Registration with Questionnaire

Without a native Events module, we thought of an innovative solution to maintaining an events registration system within the platform. Our Questionnaire module works well as a form to confirm attendance to an event by requiring members to submit their response to be counted as registered to an event. Attendance […]

About Recruitment

Recruitment is a section for reviewing imported participant information, by allowing a view of all profiles imported to the platform before they are registered as an invite or user. After importing a CSV of users and assigning their profile information, this information is created as profiles in Recruitment. Recruitment offers […]