How to Change Username

Username is one of the only options to identify your profile within the platform. However, we do not offer members the ability to change their username after sign-up. To this end, we offer the ability to update and review all profile content in User Management. There Admins can update and change […]

Adding custom icons to the menu with CSS

  Our Navigation Menu allows for custom links and pages to be added. We offer menu icons for these items are available in Menu Configuration. You may have a preferred icon to use for your menu items; in this case, use CSS to add custom icons to your menu. Add Custom […]

How do I change the platform owner?

The Platform Owner is the main account owner for your community. This role usually corresponds to the account that created the community and is the only role with the ability to activate and cancel a project. Changing Platform Owner Communities and the admins running them can change, so we have […]

How do I sort module content?

The order of content can be important to how users engage with your community. Placing the most popular content to the top of module pages allows for greater users to see and engage with that content. To this effect, we have the Sort View feature to allow admins to arrange […]

How can I update my payment information?

We often get asked by clients how they can update their payment information in the platform. Its a quick and easy process as long as you have access the Platform Owner account. To update payment information: Sign in as the Platform Owner. Go to your Profile at the top-right corner in Admin. […]

About the Discussion Board Module

The Discussion Board module is a message board to host threaded comment discussions on various topics. As a Community Manager, you can create new discussion boards to which the users can reply. The Discussion Board module also gives you more options for creating distinct interactive spaces inside your community. An […]

What are the costs for deleted data recovery?

Deletion of platform content can have unforeseen consequences which require the need for recovery of this lost data. CMNTY offers data recovery for these unfortunate occasions. We maintain backups of up to a month of data depending on your plan. Our term for data recovery depends on your plan type: […]