Bookmark Posts, Create Word Clouds, Analyze Sentiment

Categorize important content manually or automatically for later analysis. Collect comments that matter. Filter on sentiment and generate word clouds for quicker and more meaningful insights.

CMNTY Pulse offers a simple tool to save front-end posts for further review in Admin.

All Challenge and Forum posts now allow for bookmarking by Community Managers. Bookmarks are personal, but all Community Managers can see each-other’s bookmarks.

Bookmarking is different than reported content as reports can be user-generated and are visible to all Community Managers in Pulse, while bookmarks are personal to each admin. Bookmarking can be performed as an automatic function of Pulse or by manually selecting and categorizing a bookmark.

Auto-Bookmark Based on Keywords

You can set specific keywords in content you want to review later as a bookmark by adding the keywords to the Auto Bookmark field located within the top-right Settings gear of the Bookmarks section of Pulse.

Categorize Bookmarks in Front-end

You can categorize manual bookmarks for personalized organization of content you want to review in the future. Categories are set and can be created in the front-end with filters based on categories available within Pulse.

Bookmarks in Pulse

You can review your bookmarked posts in the Bookmarks section of Pulse. You can sort bookmarks by category or switch to another Community Manager to review their bookmarks.

By clicking on Details, you can review the bookmarked posts, copy the text of the post, link to the specific comment or post, see details on when and who bookmarked the post, and unbookmark the post when finished by clicking the Bookmark icon.

Sentiment Analysis of Bookmarks

You can review sentiment analysis for a category or individual post, allowing you to instantly see if people are sharing a positive, negative, mixed or neutral feeling about the topic of discussion. Hover over the Sentiment icon to see a breakdown of the sentiment within a given category

Posts can also be reviewed for their individual sentiment by selecting Details.

Word Cloud Based on Bookmarks

You can see the trends within your bookmarked posts by reviewing the Word Cloud created from all your bookmarks. Select the bookmarks to display by choosing the Category at the top.

Word Cloud design can be updated in the Settings Gear, offering different FontsWord Padding, and Color for primary, secondary, and tertiary words within the cloud.

Word Clouds can be saved as an image by clicking the Download icon; these are a perfect visual to include in your reports.