Changes to your Hub setup

We recently changed the way you can log in to your platforms through Hub. When you open up a platform through Hub, you are now automatically logged in with your Hub account. This removes the need for you to log in to each of your platforms individually and allows you to log in to each of your platforms through Hub.

Once you are logged in with your Hub account in a platform, you will be able to see a list of all other active platforms within your Hub environment. This allows you to freely navigate between different projects while keeping the authentication and security of your Hub account in place.

If you would like one of your colleagues to be able to access all of your projects, you simply request your Customer Success Manager to add an additional account to your Hub. Your colleague will then also be able to access all projects, without the need to create a separate account in each project. If unfortunately a colleague leaves, we will simply remove their Hub account and therefore they will also lose access to projects they recently could open.

In order to benefit from these options, you and your colleagues’ Platform accounts should be converted to Hub accounts. The only thing you need to do is to align your email address between your current Platform accounts and your Hub account. After visiting a platform for the first time through Hub, we will convert your Platform account to a Hub account. All content created by your account will not be affected. If your email address does not align, a separate new account will be created within the Platform.

We also suggest enabling 2FA within your Hub account. You can do this by logging in to your Hub account, clicking on your name at the top right -> Account Settings -> Two Factor Authentication.

After you or any of your colleagues used the login within Hub option from within Hub, you will be able to also click on “admin login” to directly log in with your Hub account.