Setting the Chat session duration

In the admin section, you can find an overview of all chat messages. All chat messages will be saved and you can find them by following these steps:

  1. Go to Analyze page at the top menu of Admin.
  2. Choose Qualitative Analysis – Chat at the left menu.
  3. You can delete or re-read chat messages, which might be useful for analyzing. Simply choose Messages in the Options drop-down to see who posted which text at what session duration

All messages will be split up automatically into sessions on the overview.

A new chat session will end 30 minutes after the last message. If someone posts a message 30 minutes later a new chat session will be created in the admin. This does not mean that old chat messages will disappear in the front-end.

Even if you deactivate the chat in the admin section, a session will not end.

Show all messages

In case the show all messages switch is set to ON, then it will show you all chat sessions. If the switch is set to OFF, it will only show you the last chat session. You can change these settings by following the steps in this article.