At CMNTY we regularly discuss feature ideas for our platform. Many of these ideas come directly from our clients who have great ways of solving certain problems. We can’t put every idea into practice, but we have processes in place to make sure the best ideas make it to the platform.

CMNTY Labs is a mechanism we deploy to give you early access to new and experimental features. It is a means for us to collect feedback from our clients and help us decide whether a feature is good or not. CMNTY Labs is a section of Configure in Admin, which only the Platform Owner can activate these new features. Experimental features will appear here and you can decide to enable or disable them whenever you want.

Labs features are beta features and are subject to change. We use your direct feedback to influence the future of these features. If we notice a Labs feature is being turned on by a lot of clients and none are reaching out to share issues, we will incorporate the feature into the platform officially. However, if a feature is not being used and lacks questions and requests by clients, we will remove it to make room for the next Labs feature. Your participation in Labs will direct the future of these features, so keep an eye out and be sure to let us know your opinion, critical or positive, as your feedback will decide how we handle these potential features to CMNTY platform.

Please reach-out if you have any questions or comments on any Labs feature.