Can I Integrate CMNTY With My Website, CMS, or Webshop?

Yes! There are multiple ways to embed your community into your website or integrate it with your CMS or web shops.

The simplest way to connect your CMNTY Platform with an external site would be by creating a custom menu link that will open up the linked page in a new window.

If you are on our Regular plan, you can use advanced design settings to further customize the look of your CMNTY Platform and also use a custom domain so your members feel they are on a unified site.

If you are on our Plus plan, there are some advanced methods for integrating third-party systems into your platform: You can use an iFrame to show content (like a Shopify webshop instance) in a custom page. Additionally, you can also add your own custom stylesheets (CSS) and javascript to your CMNTY Platform to align the look and feel of your CMNTY Platform with an existing website.

If you are on our Premium plan, you can use the tools mentioned above along with API Access to pull and push your platform data and you can even connect your CMNTY Platform with an existing member base using SAML Single Sign-On (SSO).

If you want to get in touch to see some examples and talk about it, please drop us a line through one of these channels.

Want to know what tools you can seamlessly integrate into your community platform?

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