Community Overview Page

The purpose of the community module is to display an overview of all users. In one overview, you will see a list of all users, community managers, and observers. Members cannot see observers on the community overview page; observers do see each other.

When you click on one of the users, you will go directly to their profile page.

In the admin section, you can arrange the view of the community module. You can change the number of members per page and determine whether your own profile is always on top:

  1. Go to Configure at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Underneath Modules, choose community at the left menu.
  3. Decide how many users you want to display per page and if you want your profile to be on top of the overview

Visibility Custom Roles
In case you created custom roles, you can decide yourself if you want the users in this role to be visible or not. When creating a new custom role, make sure to check if the show on community overview page option is enabled.

There won’t be a separate part for this custom role, when the switch is turned to ON, the users with this role will be displayed on the community overview page in the front-end as the parent role. When the switch is turned to OFF, the users with this role will not be visible for members on the community overview page. Observers and community managers can see them though.

Would you like to know more about the user profile page? Read this article about profile field visibility.