Configuring Google Analytics

You can configure Google Analytics for use with a CMNTY Platform. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to You’ll need a valid Google Account (usually, Gmail) in order to proceed.
  2. Press the blue Create Project button on the upper left corner. A pop-up will appear, with an input field: Project Name. Fill it in and press the blue Create button. It can take a couple of seconds before your Project is created.
  3. ! Optional Step Google may request SMS verification. Verify your phone number if you want to use the Google Cloud Platform.
  4. After creating the project, a new pop-up opens. Select API Manager from the side menu on the left.api manager
  5. Find the Analytics API and turn it ON. The Analytics API is part of the Advertising APIs. To turn it on, click the blue Enable API button.
  6. Now, select the Credentials from the side menu on the left.
  7. In the pop-up that opens, press the blue Add credentials button.
  8. In the drop down that opens, select Service account as your application type.
  9. On this page, select JSON as your key type and click Create. A JSON file will be downloaded to your computer.
    service account
  10. You will now see a list of service accounts. The email address listed here is important and you will need it later.
  11. You can now proceed to and log in.
  12. In the upper right corner, you’ll see the Access Google Analytics button. Press it and continue to the settings page of your analytics project. If Google Analytics are new to you, click on Sign up.
  13. Click on the Admin link to see your account(s) and the account Properties.
    admin link
  14. Click on the dropdown under Property in the side menu and select Create new property.
  15. Fill in the required information for setting up a trackable Property.
    1 Select your new property (Website or App).
    2 Fill in the following fields:
    Account Name: Give a name to your account (for your own reference within Google Analytics). For example: CMNTY.
    Website Name: Give a name to your platform (for your own reference within Google Analytics). For example: Demo Platform.
    Website URL: Enter the URL of your platform. For example: Industry Category: Choose Online communities.
    Reporting Time Zone: Fill in your timezone.
    3 After filling in the required fields press Get Tracking ID.
    4 A pop-up will ask you to select your country/region again and accept their terms of use.
  16. You will see a new screen with your Tracking-ID and Tracking code.
  17. Make sure you select the project that you want to configure (from the side menu).
  18. The side menu has different levels. By default, you will end up in the Property Section of the side menu. You can go to the View Section by clicking the back arrow in the side menu and clicking one of the options in the View Section.
  19. Select User Management from your side menu, and paste the email address you’ve obtained in the Google Developer Console in the section Add permissions for in the input field (find the email address here > My Console > Select Project > Credentials).
  20. You also need to select privileges for this user (Read & Analyze is enough). Press Add. Now you can configure your CMNTY Platform to connect with Google Analytics.
    add permissions
  21. Log in to your platform and go to the Google Analytics page. Fill in the following fields:- JSON The JSON file downloaded to your computer can be opened by applications like Notepad or TextEdit. Copy the contents of that file to this field.
    View ID The Google Analytics Profile ID can be found in the Admin area of Google Analytics in the section View Settings (it may also be called View ID): Go to > Admin > View settings (View page) > Find your View ID here.
    Tracking ID Go to > Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code (Property page) > Find your Tracking ID here. You can also find the Tracking ID in Google’s Admin area in Property > Property Settings.
  22. After pressing Save, your CMNTY Platform is fully set up to cooperate with Google Analytics. On the Analyze page, you can test whether you have succeeded. Go to Analyze > Visitors. If you see a graph on the Visitors Overview page then everything is okay. Please note that it can take 24 hours for Google to begin providing data for your CMNTY Platform.

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