What are the costs for deleted data recovery?

Deletion of platform content can have unforeseen consequences which require the need for recovery of this lost data. CMNTY offers data recovery for these unfortunate occasions. We maintain backups of up to a month of data depending on your plan.

Our term for data recovery depends on your plan type:

  • Professional plan can recover up to 1 week of data.
  • Advanced and Premium plans can recover up to 1 month of data.

We offer two price options for recovering deleted data:

  1. $500/€500 for recovery of a singular module’s content
  2. $1,000/€1,000 for recovery of multiple module content or the entire platform.

If you think you lost data and may want to recover it, please reach out to support@cmnty.com immediately to begin discussion on possible data recovery. The recovery process is quick and can be delivered within one business day.