Create Custom CSS for Your CMNTY Platform


The platform specific, or Custom CSS, can be entered in the Admin section of the platform by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Design section at the top menu.
  2. Choose Stylesheets at the left menu and click All browsers.

For conveniently writing and implementing Custom CSS, you should open two tabs in your browser. In one tab you should open the Admin page where you can enter Custom CSS. The other tab you can use to review your changes in the platform front-end. As you progress, keep refreshing the page in this tab to see if your CSS adjustments have the desired effect.

You can enter CSS in the empty field below Custom Style and the CSS will apply to all browsers. You can also add browser specific CSS in the “IE9 Only” section which will only apply to Internet Explorer 9.

create custom css for your community platform

Try it yourself by pasting the code below in this field and press save:

div#main .welcome h3 {
     color: red;
     font-size: 50px;

Navigate to the platform Home page and check out the Welcome! text. You should now see that the text has become much larger and bright red.

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