Create a Referral System for Your Community


Using a referral system is a great way to build your community and add members. Encourage people to refer others by rewarding them with points which they can use at a webshop.

To explain the flow of this process, a member refers a friend through an embedded Google Form within your platform.  After the information is submitted, via a Zapier configuration, the system will recognize when there is a match and you can be notified via Slack (or Email).

Before you begin, you will need a few tools:

  • Zapier Account (Paid account required to allow making Zaps with 3+ steps)
  • Google Forms (Free w/ your Google Account)
  • Google Sheets (Free w/ your Google Account)
  • Slack (or Gmail) for Platform Owner Notifications

Setting It Up In The Google Form

Note we strongly suggest setting both fields to Required and enabling Response validation to Text>Email Address>Please enter a valid email address

  1. Create a Google Form
  2. Add two fields, “Friend’s Email” and “Your Email”
  3. Make sure your form is linked to a spreadsheet.   You will use Zapier later to connect to this spreadsheet
  4. The following steps will set the form to automatically pull in the member’s email address into the “Your Email” Field
  5. Go to the Google Form settings (3 dots in upper right) and select Get pre-filled link
  6. Enter any test email into the Friend’s Email field (for the purpose of generating a link) and click submit
  7. A link will be generated and appear on top of the screen.  Copy the link

Setting It Up In The Platform

  1. Go to Admin > Publish > Custom Pages > Add Custom Page
  2. Enter a Subject, and Menu Title (you will need to enable this custom page for the menu)
  3. In the “Message Field” select “Insert iFrame”
  4. Paste the link you previously copied into the “URL” field
  5. In the link right after pp_url& copy entry.XXXXXXXXXX
  6. Paste that into the first parameter field, and select email address for the value field
  7. Now go back to the link and delete everything after pp_url
  8. Click Insert, and you can simply copy and enter the same info into Mobile Message and save the page
  9. Now you can enable the Custom page by going to Admin>Configure>Menu Configuration
  10. Once enabled, the Referral Form will be showing and functional on the Front End

Setting It Up In Zapier

Paid Zapier Account Required

  1. Log into your Zapier account
  2. Send us a request via email to and we will provide you with access to the CMNTY app in Zapier
  3. Once you accept the invite, go to MAKE A ZAP!
  4. Search and select the CMNTY (beta) app for the Trigger
  5. For CMNTY Trigger, select New User
  6. Connect Your CMNTY Account

Connect Google Sheets

  1. Now for your Action App Search/Select Google Sheets
  2. Select Lookup Spreadsheet Row
  3. Connect your Google Sheets Account

For the fields shown in the screenshot below, select the following for:

  1. Search > Search for Google Sheets Spreadsheet Row
  2. Spreadsheet > The file name of the spreadsheet linked to your form
  3. Worksheet > The name of the spreadsheet tab (unless you changed it, the default is Form Responses 1)
  4. Lookup Column > Friend’s Email
  5. Lookup Value > Email Address

Add a filter

  1. Select the + under Google Sheets (Add Filter or an Action), select Filter
  2. Select Filter > Only Continue If
  3. In the first drop-down field, under Lookup Spreadsheet Row select Your Email
  4. In the second drop-down field, select Exists
  5. Continue on and add another step by clicking the large +

Receive Notification

As the platform owner, it would be best to receive a notification when there was a successful referral search so you can add points to that member’s account.  The following instructions are for Slack but you can also try Gmail.

  1. Search/Select Slack for your Action App
  2. Slack Action > Send Direct Message
  3. Connect your Slack Account
  4. Username > Platform Owner’s Slack name
  5. Message Text > (Lookup Spreadsheet Row) > we suggest “success {{Friend’s Email}} signed up and was referred by {{Your Email}}”
  6. Hit Continue and you’re done, remember to turn your zap on

Here’s what the final Zapier flow will look like.

Want to know what tools you can seamlessly integrate into your community platform?

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