Custom Domain Name Configuration


CMNTY is a hosted platform: it runs on our servers in a secure data center separate from your systems. So in order for your platform to become accessible to users at your chosen custom domain name and through a secure connection, an SSL certificate will be necessary. We will order and arrange the certificate on your behalf, and only a little bit of your collaboration will be necessary. Please read and follow the steps below:

Step 1. Choose a custom domain nameFirst, decide what domain name you want to use for your platform(s). There are two different ways to do that: you might want a single subdomain name for your platform, or a wildcard domain name if you plan to run multiple platforms or using CMNTY Cloud. Both ways are explained in more detail below. Importantly, regardless of your choice, we kindly ask you to Fill in the information form below and send it to your main contact at CMNTY Corporation:

  1. Organization: Your legal organization name.*
  2. Organizational Unit: Your department.
  3. Country name: Two letter country code, for example: US.*
  4. State/Province*
  5. City/Locality*
  6. Common name: The subdomain chosen in step 1.*

* This information is mandatory

Find explanations of different certificates below:

  • Option 1: Single subdomain certificate
    If you plan to run one single platform, then a single subdomain certificate will be necessary. Importantly, once the subdomain name has been registered, it cannot be changed. So carefully consider whether you want, e.g., or, rather, Let’s say you have chosen to run your platform on The filled-in form would look like this:
    1. Organization: YOURCOMPANY Inc.
    2. Organizational Unit: 
    3. Country: US
    4. State/Province: California
    5. City/Locality: Los Angeles
    6. Common Name:

     Please make sure that an admin email address is available, too.

  • Option 2: Wildcard certificate
    If you want to be able to run multiple CMNTY Platforms with the same domain or if you use CMNTY Cloud, you have to get a wildcard certificate. A wildcard certificate allows for subdomain notation such as * Such domain would allow you to run platforms on addresses like and, etc. Let’s say you’ve decided to choose a wildcard domain because you plan to have multiple platforms: if you want and, then your wildcard domain will be * The filled in form would look like this:
    1. Organization: YOURCOMPANY B.V.
    2. Organizational Unit: Marketing
    3. Country: US
    4. State/Province: California
    5. City/Locality: Los Angeles
    6. Common Name: *
    Make sure you have double-checked the details in either one of the forms before submitting them to us. The common name is particularly important. One mistake could lead to a false SSL certificate.

Please make sure that an email address is available, too.

Step 2. We order the SSL Certificate for you One you have sent us the form in Step 1, we will request an SSL Certificate on your behalf. As mentioned above, you should make sure in advance that is available: this is the email address to which a validation link of the SSL certificate will be sent. An email with the validation link can take up to a couple of days to arrive. Please validate the link in this email so that we can install the certificate.

Step 3. You can install the IP addressOne last thing to take care of is the installation of an IP address which we will provide to you in the course of the process. It is not necessary to wait for this step while step 1 or 2 are completed. You (or someone at your IT department) should install our IP address in the DNS of your domain name. Check with your contact person at CMNTY Corporation for the IP address.

When the IP address is installed, please inform your main contact person at CMNTY Corporation that you have done so. We will then be able to test the domain name and confirm that the settings have been configured correctly.

Importantly, you only need to install the IP address, once per single subdomain and you are good to go. However, when you run a cloud, you might want to configure the IP address for the entire wildcard domain so you do not have to do it again every time you create a platform with a subdomain. If you would like to hear more about that, contact us for assistance.

All set! Your CMNTY Platform is now accessible via the custom domain name of your choice.
If you have any further questions regarding this document, please contact us at

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