Data Exports

Data export is a collection of all content and user data that has been uploaded to the platform. As a Moderator, you can download the data export as an excel file and use these data to analyze the outcome of your research by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Analyze at the top menu of Admin.
  2. Go to the Export.
  3. First, choose the export type. This can be:
    1. Participant
    2. Blog
    3. Challenge
    4. Forum
    5. Journal
    6. Poll
    7. Questionnaire
  4. Then choose Item. This is the name and status of the tasks that will be exported. You can search by the title of the task in the search bar.
  5. Then choose the Output as Text Only, Text with Attachments, or SPSS (only for Questionnaire). Text with attachments gives you all the attachments added by the participants.
  6. You can include User Groups in your export if you would like to.
  7. You can uncheck the Show PII checkmark to hide the personal information of the participants. The email addresses and all the personal information will be hidden if you uncheck this option.
  8. Once you select the preferred type, item and output click the Export button. It takes approximately 5 minutes for the export to be ready. you can download each export from the blue button on the right side.
  9. You can refresh an old export to receive the latest comments and answers from the participants. Simply click on the green refresh button next to each export on the right side. 

If you experience issues downloading files over 500 MB, please contact support and we will deliver these files to you.

On the downloaded excel file the first page will show you the information about the content exported, such as platform URL, name, module exported, item, preferences about user groups and PII, creator and also the generated date.

You can start analyzing the activities in the next tab.

TIP: If you exported everything from one module and have many tabs in your excel file, you can use the table of contents to go to that task by clicking on it from the table of contents.

If you exported content with attachments, the system will download a zip file. Within this zip file, you will get a folder with an excel file and another folder with all the attachments.

Check the last column in your excel file which is called “Attachments”.  Once clicked on the attachment link, this will direct you to the zip file downloaded on your computer. This will save you time from matching the attachments with the tasks.