Using the Forum Digest

One of the best ways to reach out to members in the platform to update them with the latest news is using the Digest Newsletter.

This is also a great way to reach inactive members and share what they’ve been missing.

The Digest is limited to the last 10 forum topics per forum category.

The email is automated, and the member can either select a daily or weekly digest.  By default, the member is opted-out.

When a member navigates to Profile Settings > Email Settings, they have the following options available.

  1. Daily Digest
  2. Weekly Digest
  3. No Digest

Additional helpful info…

  1. A digest will match the users’ groups.
  2. All content within the email is clickable and will redirect the member to the appropriate item.
  3. When there is no new content members will not receive the digest.
  4. The digest adheres to the email template.

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