Do you Charge Sales Tax or VAT?

Short answer:
We might!

Longer answer:
Depending on your location, we might charge VAT or Sales Tax on top of the prices that are shown on our pricing page.

United States
If you are based in the United States and you are located in New York State, we charge 8.875% Sales Tax. If you are not based in New York State, then we don’t charge Sales Tax.

The Netherlands
If you are based in The Netherlands, we charge 21% VAT (BTW).

If you are based in Europe, but not in The Netherlands and can supply us with a valid VAT number, then you won’t be charged VAT. If you can not supply a valid VAT number, then your local VAT rate will be charged.

Rest of the world
If you are not based in Europe or the United States, then your order will always be free from any form of VAT or Sales Tax.

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