Does “Unlimited Members” Really Mean “Unlimited”?

For most of our Plans, the total number of members is unlimited. However, there is a limit to your “Concurrent Users”.

Basically, we measure the size of your community in two ways:

  1. Total Members: How many people are registered with your community platform?
  2. Maximum Concurrent Users (CCU): How many people are actively browsing and posting in your platform at any given moment?

The Starter plan is limited to 250 Total Members and 100 CCUs.
The Regular and Plus plana have no Member Limit and are limited to 100 CCUs.
The Premium plan has no member limit and is limited to 400 CCUs by default.

If you need to be able to accommodate more than 400 concurrent users then the Premium plan comes with an option to extend bandwidth. If you are interested in discussing these options, please contact us for more information.

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