Domain Name & SSL

Domain Name

All CMNTY platforms have their own domain name (website URL). Your platform can run on our domain or on a custom domain. For example; if your company name is “Flex” we can configure the platform to run on our domain i.e. or you can set up a custom domain such as or (Only in Plus and Premium plan.)

If you want to use our domain, we will setup everything without requiring further action from you. If you want to use your own custom domain, some configuration is needed.

SSL Certificate

CMNTY platform must be run on a secure connection to make sure that all data, which is send to the platform by users, is transmitted securely, making it (nearly) impossible for hackers to intercept this data. This can be done by installing a “SSL” certificate, we will do this for you but we need your help with that..

More information about the configuration can be found on Custom Domain Name Configuration.

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