Downgrading and its implications

Design and set-up of your CMNTY Platform can take weeks of effort, but sometimes you need to let your community lay dormant or move to a lower priced plan. Below we detail what happens when you downgrade your community to a plan lacking those features.

Downgrading within 3 days of your project’s next invoice payment may lead to being billed at your previous plan’s rate. Contact support if this occurs.



Your general platform settings determine how the community operates; thankfully, the majority of Configure settings are intrinsic to the CMNTY platform and will remain the same after downgrading. However, Language Overrides, Custom Roles, and User Permissions are affected by a downgrade.

Language Overrides

Downgrading below Advanced plan does not delete overrides. All previous overrides remain, however, the platform disables Language Overrides section from being accessed and keys revert to their original value. If the platform is upgraded, all language overrides will go back into effect.

Custom Roles & User Permissions

Custom Roles and User Permissions are deleted upon downgrade from Advanced plan. Any users in non-admin roles are reverted to member roles and permissions no longer apply.

Modules and Custom Pages are removed from Menu Configuration as applicable based on your new plan.


Design settings vary largely by plan, so when a community is downgraded Advanced Design Settings, Admin Template, and Custom Pages & Elements are deactivated. All previous settings are visible, but cannot be edited and revert to settings available for the current plan. If the platform is upgraded, Advanced Design Settings, Admin Template, and Custom Pages & Elements will go back into effect.


Publish content is not changed by downgrading, however, the number of modules enabled and access to the content of those modules may be restricted based on the plan.


Manage content and settings access are restricted, but not erased when downgrading. Dynamic User Groups and Gamification points and badges from advanced triggers remain associated with members’ profiles. If your downgraded community is over the member limit, new members cannot join and attempts to join or invite will result in a message saying the member limit has been reached. Dynamic User Groups remain active and may update, however enabling new Dynamic User Groups is restricted. Existing Dynamic User Groups cannot be turned off, but can be deleted.


Analyze content is not changed but features may become restricted when downgrading.

Downgrading your platform may result in unexpected complications. Please report any issues you see to a Customer Success Manager with screenshots to better resolve such complications.

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