Facebook Social Login

Our Social Login feature allows members to easily sign-up and sign-in to your platform using their existing Facebook account. The easy to set-up feature ensures your members the ease of a quick login process without the need to create another secure password to remember.

The following steps guide you through connecting your CMNTY Platform with Facebook. Steps 1-12 are done within your Facebook account. Steps 13-17 are done in your CMNTY Platform Admin Section:

  1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com. You’ll need a valid Facebook Account in order to proceed.
  2. At the top right, select Get Started (and connect your account with your Facebook) or Create App.
  3. Register and give your app a Display Name, enter a Contact Email and click Create App ID.
  4. In Add a Product, select Facebook Login and click Set Up.
  5. For your platform, select Web.
  6. Fill in your platform as the Site URL and click Save. For example: https://community.CMNTY.com.
  7. You can simply skip the rest of those messages.
  8. In the menu on the left, you should now see Facebook Login, click the Settings menu item.
  9. Fill in the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs. Enter the URL of your community appended with ‘authorize/login_callback/facebook’ and ‘user/edit_facebook_callback’ then click Save Changes. For example: https://community.CMNTY.com/authorize/login_callback/facebook.
  10. Your App ID and App Secret (needed in the following steps) are located in Settings > Basic.
  11. At Settings > Basic add a Privacy Policy URL and click Save Changes.
  12. Now go to App Review and make your app public by setting it to On. Choose a category and confirm.
  13. Login to your CMNTY Platform.
  14. Go to Social Login page under Integrations in Admin.
  15. Switch the Activate Login for Facebook to On.
  16. Fill in the App ID and App Secret as created in your Facebook app.
  17. After pressing Save, your Facebook Registration and Login will be activated.

For platforms set to Invite Only, members can connect to their Facebook account upon registration or in Profile Settings (*.cmnty.com/user/edit_facebook) to enable social login.

Check out our instructions to set-up Social Login for: