Can I try features that are not available on my plan?

Taking full advantage of all CMNTY features can mean being on a plan above your expected price range. If you want to explore a feature to see if its right for your community, we offer the ability to request a feature try out.

Trying out a feature allows us to momentarily upgrade your plan to a plan with your desired feature for a set period of time (usually 2 business days). Our CSMs will assist you through this process and inform you when the try out period ends. Sending feature try out request requires being on the platform owner account, as only that role can upgrade or request to try a new feature.

To Request a Feature Try Out:

  1. As platform owner, go to the feature you would like to try out.
  2. Click the locked feature.
  3. Underneath the Upgrade button in the Upgrade to Access window, select “Or contact us to try this feature”.
  4. Confirm your request to try this feature by clicking “Contact me”.
  5. We will message you the details of the feature try out including an end date for the try out period.

Need to change your platform owner? Learn how to in this article.