Feedback Page

Your members can report and submit a technical issue within your community using the default Feedback page.  The email will be sent to the platform sender address.  The Feedback page allows a member to enter a description and attach a file up to 1000mb.

Using Language Overrides, you can customize the language if you’d like to change the wording to a more general feedback page.

To add or remove the Feedback page:

  1. Go to the Admin section of your CMNTY Platform.
  2. Select Configure.
  3. Under the General heading from the left menu, select Menu Configuration.

From here you can “X” out the Feedback page to remove it, or to add it:

  1. Click within the Main Navigation or Footer section
  2. From the Type of Page drop-down select default page
  3. Under the Item drop-down, select Feedback and click Add

You can find other articles about front-end customization here.

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