About the Focus Module – Real-Time Video Group Chats

Host virtual focus groups, in-depth interviews (IDIs) and live brainstorming sessions within your community platform. Automatically transcribe recorded sessions, bookmark important sentences for later analysis and filter on sentiment.

The Focus module offers a seamless location to organize online video chats with members of your platform. With Focus, community managers can meet through video with their members, while observers have the ability to observe the meeting, without members seeing their presence.

Schedule a Focus Meeting

Focus meetings are easily created by accessing the Admin through the “key” icon in the top-right of the menu or through the Schedule a Meeting button on the Focus overview page.

Meetings can be scheduled in Publish > Focus allowing you to prepare newsletters and platform content to invite users to join your live session.

If you do not have access, reach-out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss adding Focus to your platform.

Scheduling a Focus meeting allows you to set the Language (if using multiple languages), turn on Recording, enable Transcribing and set the Transcription Language, set the Duration, Schedule when the meeting starts, and segment the meeting to any User Groups,.

Once a meeting is created, you can Copy Meeting URLDownload Calendar Invite, and Send Invite, to email users with access to the meeting an invite which includes the calendar event.

Send Invite will only send invites once to each attendee, so if any new members are added to the platform or user group, use the feature to send those users an invite. Additional reminders can be sent through the Newsletter.

From the Focus page, all users will see an overview of Current and Scheduled meetings. As a Community Manager, there is a button to schedule a new meeting.

Before joining a Focus meeting, users can confirm their settings using Test Audio and Video. When joining a Focus session, users will configure their microphone and video settings.

Attendees can join a meeting 15 minutes before the scheduled start date to enter a waiting room until a moderator arrives. Once a Community Manager joins, the meeting goes live and everyone is entered into the session.

Focus allows for up to 16 video streams, up to 250 audio streams, and 1 screen share. Focus meetings end when no audio stream is detected after 5 minutes or fewer than two audio connections are present in the meeting for more than 30 minutes.

Transcripts of recordings are available for review in Pulse and take the duration of the meeting to be processed.


To moderate the conversation effectively, Community Managers can Mute or Remove users from the meeting. Once a user is removed, they cannot rejoin the Focus meeting, so be sure when removing a user you want them out of the meeting entirely.

Observers are invisible to members and cannot connect their audio or video, allowing a true observer experience.

Community Managers and Observers can discuss any updates using the Backroom Chat. Members can share any questions using the General Chat, which is available for Observers to monitor as well.

Members can Raise Hand to show their response to a poll asked in the session or to show they want to speak.

Community Managers can start a Whiteboard session. Each member can draw with their cursor in the session and will show a different color. The sessions can be cleared, if you need a fresh whiteboard.

Only Community Managers will be able to share their screen, though only one screen share is allowed at a time. If sharing videos, the video file can be uploaded beforehand in Video Sharing in Publish by selecting Add Video.

Community Managers can also present Polls to members in a Focus meeting. Polls can be set-up beforehand in Poll in Publish.

In the meeting, select the Poll to present, then decide if you want to present the results to your members.

Privacy & Security

All video and audio streams are handled by AWS. Platform access to video chats is set by using unique IDs for each meeting, which are stored within the database of platforms. The region the meeting is being ran in depends on the location of the server the platform is hosted on.

Ending a Meeting

When finished with your Focus call, it is best to choose to end the meeting using the End Meeting option when leaving Focus. Meetings can run up to 30 minutes after all users leave the meeting if not ended by an admin. To save time and prevent participants from joining an ended meeting, choose to end the meeting when finished. 

Recording & Transcripts

All Focus meetings can be reviewed in CMNTY Pulse by selecting Focus from the left menu. When reviewing meetings, you will see a red dot indicating recorded meetings, which will have a transcript included. 

Recordings and transcripts can be downloaded through the buttons at the top of the page. Transcripts can be edited or bookmarked by hovering over the specific speaker’s dialogue and selecting the corresponding icon.