Guided setup

Guided Setup is displayed as a “Dynamic Checklist” in the Admin section of the platform. It’s a checklist with the most important to-dos that every moderator should know about when setting up CMNTY Platform.  The best way to get to know the platform and learn the “basics” is completing this checklist in order.  We hope the checklist saves you time getting started.

At this moment, the checklist only lists the settings you absolutely need to touch to get started. The checklist contains nine items and you can toggle between Completed and Incomplete items.


Here’s what we have on the list waiting for you to complete:

  • Verify email address – The email address of the platform owner should be verified.
  • Erase content – Once you are ready to start adding your own content, use the reset demo content link (this will erase ALL CONTENT on the platform, so make sure you do this before you start working on your community).
  • Platform identity, status & language – In this step you give your platform a name, can decide if the platform is open or private and define supported languages and other regional settings. You can always change these settings, but it’s smart to look at them.
  • Email identity – Define the sender address and signature of all emails that are sent from the platform to your participants.
  • Logo & header – Make your platform look inviting and match with your brand identity. You can change the design of the desktop and mobile version of the platform separately.
  • Enable or disable modules – Keep your platform clean by enabling the modules you need and disable the ones you don’t.
  • Default messages – Make sure the login screen, the welcome screen and terms & conditions are displaying the right content.
  • Create your 1st activity! – Create your first activity to make sure your participants have something to do when they arrive.
  • Invite members – Import users and their profile information or invite participants privately.

Read more about the capabilities of our platform here!

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