Hiding “Start New Discussion” Button on Forum


The Forum offers a message board where users create discussions on various topics. When you want to control the topics discussed, it’s helpful to prevent members from creating new discussions. Currently, we do not offer a feature to only turn off the “Start New Discussion” button for a given board. As an alternative, we offer the ability to hide this button with CSS or by removing the permission to “Add Discussion” for a role.

To hide the “Start New Discussion” button, follow these instructions:

  1. On the front-end, go the Forum and find the “Start New Discussion” button to hide.
  2. Right-click the button and choose “Inspect”.
  3. In the Inspect Window, find the “a href” element under within “section class = ‘title_content'”.
  4. Right-click this element and under Copy choose “Copy Selector”.
  5. Go to Admin then choose Design in the top menu and go to CSS in the left menu.
  6. Paste the Selector then add { display: none !important; }.
  7. Repeat the process for mobile view by clicking the Device icon in the Inspect Window.
  8. Save and view the specific Board and the button will be gone.
  9. Be sure to also hide the Board page’s button as well.

The link to “Start New Discussion” will remain active. The link can be found in the “a href” element and looks like “https://*.cmnty.com/discussion-board/boards/1/discussions/create” for the Overview page and “https://*.cmnty.com/discussion-board/Your-Discussion-19/discussions/create” for the Board page.

If you want to make sure members cannot create discussions at all in Forum, you can turn the permission off on a role basis.

To turn off permission to add discussions:

  1. Go to Configure in the top menu of Admin.
  2. Under User in the left menu, click Permissions.
  3. Follow the Member column until Forum.
  4. Click off the Add Discussion feature and Save.

Now on the front-end, view the Discussion as a member and see the button is gone. If you use permissions instead, you do not need to hide button with CSS.

As a final option, we allow closing a Board to prevent new Discussions and comments.

To close a Forum follow these steps:

  1. Go Edit the Discussion Board in Admin.
  2. Under Discussion Board Settings, find Closed.
  3. Set to On.


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