iFrame Embed Google Drive on Custom Page

We offer numerous integrations to share resources and documents in the platform through attachments and the Download Center widget. In addition, you can easily share entire Google Drive folders with a quick iFrame on a custom page. We outline below how to set-up a shareable folder to appear in your iFrame.

Add Google Drive Folder as iFrame

  1. Go to the Google Drive folder to embed.
  2. In the URL, copy the ID of the drive folder (appears after “/folders/”).
  3. Go to Publish at the top menu in Admin.
  4. Choose Custom Page and select Add Custom Page.
  5. In Message, select Insert iFrame.
  6. In URL, enter https://drive.google.com/embeddedfolderview?id=DriveFolderIDCode#list then Insert.
  7. Repeat the embed for Mobile Message.
  8. Save and add the custom page to your menu to review. 

Your drive folder is only accessible to accounts with permission, so be sure to make the permission as public as possible so all members can see your folder.

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