Landing Pages

The landing page is the first page that will open when users log into your platform. To set-up your landing pages:

  1. Go to Configure at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Choose Landing Pages at the left menu.
  3. Change your preferences from the drop-down menus.

Different landing pages

These are the different landing pages that you can use for different situations:

  • Opening Page
    This is the page users will see when they are not logged in (this only applies to open platforms).
  • Opening Page on Login
    This is the first page a user sees after logging in to the platform.
  • Landing Page on First Login
    This is the first page a user sees after logging in for the first time.
  • Guest Page
    These pages are only applicable when your platform is an open platform.
    Users that are not logged in will be directed to a guest page when they want to participate in the community (i.e. add a comment to a blog or add an idea to a challenge).

The Platform Configuration page allows you to select which modules you’d like to use within your platform. It also lets you select basic options, such as activating Terms & Conditions or Gamification.

Or, need some more information about general settings?