Limiting the size of dynamic user groups


Dynamic user groups are a great way to create segments from your community that fit specific criteria. There may be times, however, when you want to limit the number of users added to one of these groups. Perhaps you have 100 members participating in a questionnaire and you want to start a Forum discussion with only 10 of the respondents.

You can create a dynamic user group with a limit by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Choose Users.
  3. Choose User Groups and click Add User Group.
  4. Make sure that the user group has been set as a Dynamic User Group and that the Limit is turned to ON. Fill in the maximum number of users that must be added to the user group (for example 10) and click Save.

When the dynamic user group is created, you can add the triggers as usual (for example, set a trigger based on participation in the questionnaire).

When the user group is updated, 10 random users who participated in the questionnaire will be added to the user group. If less than 10 members participated or fit the criteria, members will be added to the user group until the limit is reached.

When the maximum number of users is reached and the user group is being updated, the system will check if the users in the group still meet the requirements. Users that no longer meet the requirements will be removed from the user group and other users that meet the requirements will be randomly picked and added instead.

Because of this, when a dynamic user group is updated, it does not mean that a completely new random selection will be made. Users who are in the user group will stay in the user group as long as they meet the requirements.

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