Merging user data during import

If you have new data available about your participants in a CSV file and want to automatically add it to either existing user profiles or existing invites, you can upload and merge this data automatically. Start by making sure the profile field(s) you want to import have been created by following the steps in this article.

When updating defined profile fields (dropdown, radio, & checkbox fields), be sure the syntax of the field option and the imported field match. Use the field text for the option if you run into any issues.

Merge data by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Participants at the top menu in Admin.
  2. Underneath Users, click Import at the left menu.
  3. Upload your CSV file, leave the delimiter as it is if you are uploading a CSV file.
  4. Assign the respective column to the profile field and assign the Email address to the column that contains user email addresses. The email address is required in order to match imported users with existing users/invites.
  5. Import the data by hitting the Import button in the upper right corner.
  6. Choose Recruitment at the left menu.
  7. Select the newly uploaded data and select Mass action.
  8. Click Merge. The profile field will now be filled in for existing users or existing invites. When there is existing profile information, new data that is imported for merging will override the old, pre-existing data.

Merging data will overwrite any existing data in the merged profile fields. Be sure all desired data to add to the field includes any existing data you would like to keep. You cannot merge data to frozen or deleted users.